Six months ago today by precious little girl was born. It's crazy how quickly this past half-year has gone. Every moment of it has been so dear to me, even the really difficult ones. I never knew how much love I had inside me, probably because I never had anything tap into it the way she does.
   Motherhood has made me a stronger, more patient, less controlling, more confident, and less selfish woman. This little baby that grew inside of me and changed my heart, mind, and body completely is growing into her own little person, and it is a breathtaking process to witness. She is already fiercely independent and very much of the "I can do it myself" mindset, which makes me so proud. Her already strong drive to be self-sufficient is something unbelievable valuable, but I still very much treasure those moments when she is sleepy/hungry/upset/whatever when only mommy's lap/arms/milk/kisses will make it all better again.
   Happy half-Birthday my baby-bear! Mommy loves you bigger than the Texas sky, longer than the Mississippi, and harder than a Louisiana rainstorm. I wake up everyday thankful and happy for every choice I've ever made - good, bad, easy, or hard - that brought you to me.
   I hope you all are well and have a lovely day.
01/10/2010 23:31

What an exciting milestone! Six months fly by faster than we can imagine, and soon she will be a year old (my little one is almost 11 months and I have no idea how time flew by so fast).. Are you ready for that?
Enjoy every new accomplishment of hers! It is just so precious!
Happy half a year!


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