I can't believe in just over a month my little girl is going to be a year old! It's been a while since I've done a Dav update post, so that's what I'm going to do today. I feel like bragging on my bear for a bit.

   My sweet little monster is in to EVERYTHING! She is all over the apartment climbing on everything and pulling whatever she can reach down onto the floor. She's getting really good at standing on her own and I think walking is just a short time away. It makes me long for those days when she was content to be in my arms all day and I could set her down for a moment without her taking off. I don't know when she got so fast! Her new favorite game is Chase, which is a welcome change from the months of Peek-A-Boo that we endured, though I'm sure that will lose it's novelty for me pretty soon.
   She's become a voracious eater. Her current favorite foods are: plain yogurt with bananas and wheat germ for breakfast, tofu with cheese or hummus for lunch, and a roastbeef/spinach/brown rice/sweet potato casserole for dinner. Yep, three meals a day! She had her first pizza and her first snowball (just a bite), too.
   She is also sleeping without a lamp on now. It's so nice to be sleeping in the dark again! She is crazy about the water, and she is fearless at the park. Today, she got her first cowgirl boots and hat; they are so cute it's painful! I'm sure there's more, but I can hear my angel tearing things apart in her den right now, so I've got to go.
   Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!!

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