The world of baby wearing is all aflutter with news of the CDC forced Infantino slingrider recall. I am so happy that stupid bag of death is finally being pulled from store shelves. WhyWHYWHY when there are so many fantastic, wonderful, amazing ways to keep your baby close to you (where it belongs!) do people insist on sticking their tiny newborns in something as ridiculous as a bag sling where they can't even see them or dangling their kids by their crotch with all that pressure on their spines in the horribly uncomfortable (for grown up and little one!) bjorn-type carriers. I don't understand what kind of parent doesn't spend the five minutes of research it would take to discover how AWFUL these things are before putting their child in one.
   SO now Infantino is saying "Send us the death trap we've telling you to put your kids in and we'll send you this other carrier we make (umm, the one you ripped off from catbird baby because your people are incapable of designing an appropriate carrier themselves) and a brand new rattle!" Seriously, a rattle!?!?!
   Really, after knowingly selling these carriers despite the fact that babies have been dying in them for a long time now -which Infantino knew, by the way- and only recalling them now because they are being forced to, their restitution to parents everywhere: A Rattle! So I'm asking all of you, vote with your dollars, and BOYCOTT INFANTINO! While you're at it, write them a letter letting them know that you're doing it and why, I will be!

Infantino USA
4920 Carroll Canyon Road, Suite 200
San Diego, CA 92121 USA
T: 858.457.9797
--> Toll Free: 866.860.1361
F: 858.457.0620
Lauren H
03/25/2010 18:13

I am so glad that horrible thing was finally recalled! It's terrible that an unsuspecting parent could see it at a store and think "it must be safe because Target is selling it", and then the stupid thing harms or even kills there baby.

11/23/2010 22:45

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03/28/2011 20:40

Adversity makes a man wise, not rich.


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