I am of the opinion that more people like me should be procreating. Maybe that's a horribly arrogant, narcissistic thing to say, but I stand by it.
   Okay, so I don't mean people with my eclectic and sometimes embarrassing music preferences or my rad taste in movies. I'm not talking about my thrift store/clearance rack chic or even my mad kitchen skillz (yes, skillz with a 'z'). What I'm talking about are baby-makers who are willing and able to parent/live/exist mindfully and consciously.
   I hate the thought that so many repressed, small minded, prejudiced, thoughtless sheep are raising up another herd - uh - generation just like  them. So this is my call to arms, or at least to bed with a willing partner. We need to tip the scales people!
   Take the Duggars for instance, that crazy giant family on TLC. They are part of the 'quiverfull' movement that encourages fundamentalist Christians to get to it like bunnies so that they can contribute as many little soldiers as possible to 'god's army.' Meanwhile, more and more progressively minded people are opting out of the breeding game altogether.
   So, my enlightened (or at least open minded) brothers and sisters, get out there and make (or adopt or foster) some babies that can grow up into rational adults. Please, because I think we're thisclose to being on the endangered species list.
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