Top 5 things I learned during baby bear's first Easter:

1. Everyone in Texas takes pictures of their kids in the bluebonnets. (now that "everyone" includes me)
2. The bear REALLY wants to eat bluebonnets.
3. People will try and give an 8.5 month old baby candy. (no, a sucker is not like a paci, sheesh)
4. They make way more gross-fabric holiday dresses for babies than they do natural fiber fabric holiday dresses. (who wants their baby in scratchy material all day?)
5. No matter how much I love someone, they can still take offense at my Zombie Jesus impression. (He died for your sins... he's back for your brains! Mwahaha!!)

   My parents came to visit for the holiday. They are wonderful parents (read: they are low-maintenance visitors who stay at a hotel and show up with presents - and yes, I know how lucky I am). It is always so nice when we get to hang out with them, which is why I'm really excited they are coming next weekend to scoop up me and the bear for a trip to San Antonio! Yay! It's sad that babydaddy J will be working, but I imagine he'll be pretty excited not to have us waking him up all night as per usual!

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