Yesterday afternoon, I bought $5.34 worth of organic produce. I now have a month's worth of homemade baby food in my freezer! Not to mention Dav happily ate her whole serving of avocado. It makes me happy and breaks my heart all at once.
   Next up on the agenda will be oat flour cooked in breast milk to make a kind of warm cereal. I want to have a base that i can try mixing stronger flavored foods into for her. I'm also going to look into buying a yogurt maker, hopefully this week, so that I can make some mama juice yogurt. I'm ready for her 6 month well check so I can ask pedi about a couple of foods I'd like to try with her, but I'm worried she's a little too young for. I want to give her kale, lentils, and lamb, but I want to make sure it's alright before I go for it.
   I really want to work at keeping her iron levels up without supplemental vitamins. If I can get her eating meat, that would definitely help. Lamb is one of the most easily digested meats, so I'm thinking that's the protein to go with. Kale is also a good source of iron (a well as calcium and vitamin C) but I am slightly concerned about the nitrite issue. Lentils are packed with vitamins and minerals, and would be a great base for mixing with meat to make the texture more palatable but can sometimes cause painful gas in babies.  Guess I'll just have to wait one more week to find out!

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