Today is a day for celebrating. Jump up and down, spin in a circle laughing, and collapse in a giddy heap, because today is one for the books. Despite the not working out, the everything cooked in butter or bacon fat or drenched in olive oil, the second and third helpings of everything, and many, many giant late night bowls of ice cream with caramel, I am officially below my pre-baby weight! Can I get a woohoo for breastfeeding or what?!? Apparently I can eat anything and still burn it when I'm trying to power a 20 lb monster with just my body! Yay, now bring on the king cake!

   Speaking of my little monster, she is playing in the gorgeous sunlight totally naked right now. She could not be happier.  She's been feeling much better these last few days, but has lost interest in solid foods. This kid who would plow through two servings of squash like it was nothing now doesn't want even one bite of anything. I'm thinking it might be that her throat is still sore from her cold. She will suck on whatever I put in her mesh feeder, she just doesn't want to eat anything. 

Ok, I'm going pick up my naked baby because she just peed everywhere.  Bye for now!

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