Whew. Moving can be quite a headache, especially when it comes unexpectedly. We still have stuff in boxes (mostly for the garage sale, though) and I'm not sure if anything has found it's actual 'spot' yet, but we're getting there. So, sorry for the long absence, but I'm back. Again, whew...
   The bear is changing SO FAST these days. Her lack of interest in crawling would be worrying me if she wasn't thisclose to walking or saying 'Bevo' while holding up her longhorn. I swear, she's perfectly capable of crawling, I've seen her do it a number of times. She would just rather get to her little feet, squat, and pivot over and over again to move around. She's so weird. Also, everything is blue. When anyone is trying to tell her the color of something she just makes a face and very matter-of-factly says 'Blue.'
   I'm loveloveloving my babyhawk mei tai. I can nurse hands free really easily, then throw Dav on my back to sleep while I wash dishes or do landry. People look at me crazy in parking lots when I'm bent over strapping the baby to my back, but I'm getting pretty quick at it. I would 100% recommend geting an asian style carrier to any parent. J likes wearing her in it, too! I got brown with a blue and green design on it so it's not too frou-frou for him.
   Okay, I've got to go and check on my brisket (nobody tell Dav we're eating longhorn tonight, she would be PISSED!) and make some cornbread. Hope my fellow Austinites aren't being too tortured by all this SXSW traffic!

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