All of my life, those close to me have been bothered in one way or another by my clothing choices. My 8 year old infatuation with Kris Kross (and the inevitable backwards clothing that came with it) mortified my cousin (and very dear friend) to the point that it's become family legend.  Seventh grade was the time of my infamous 'popcorn shoes' and Eighth grade was a time of too many Spice Girl inspired outfits. In junior high I flirted with goth, skater, and head-to-toe Tommy Hilfiger - all mistakes, though I still miss my giant JNCOs . It did not get better in highschool. After some college experimentation, I found the hippie house-wife look that has since been my MO. Throughout all of it, there has been one enduring element: much to the annoyance, frustration, and (maybe) embarrassment of many loved ones, I have never been a fan of the bra.
   Any time I have tried a bra that offers anything resembling support, I find it extremely uncomfortable. Bras that had been comfy have not offered support, so I fail to see the purpose. Sports bras were always my way around this when I really needed to keep 'the girls' in check for rigorous activity, but that doesn't quite work anymore because the pressure seems to stimulate milk production and I end up engorged (ouch!) and leaky. And nursing in a sports bra is not easy, so that's definitely a no. When I had my pre-baby tatas, this no-bra thing was fabulous. I had well proportioned, appropriately perky 'girls' that had almost no effect on my life whatsoever. Now, I'm a top heavy milk machine that needs to be able to (discreetly) whip these suckers out in public without someone losing an eye and a little support to alleviate the booby-induced back pain that I don't particularly need accompanying my I-have-a-giant-baby back pain.
   I decided it was time for a nursing bra. It seems to me that since breastfeeding mamas often have larger breasts than they would normally have, finding a small band/big cup combination would not be too difficult. And if I was willing to spend an exhorbinant amount of money, it wouldn't be. In my price range, though, it seemed there were no smaller-framed women with anything bigger than a C-cup (at least according to the bra manufacturers). And every D-cup or bigger had underwire (hello mastitis!) or no support. Then, a cloud parted and birds sang (or I got the name of a website and a coupon code from another mama) and all of a sudden, there were bras that would fit me without an underwire (but with support) for less than my grocery budget! Woohoo!
   Now I wait patiently for this miracle to arrive any day now in the mail, hoping I didn't imagine it all in a hazy sleep deprived, low blood sugared, over-nursed fog. When I actually get my hands on (and my girls in) this thing, I'll let everyone know how it goes. If it's a good thing, I'll share the love (and the website and the coupon code) with the rest of you! Until then, bye y'all!

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