I am taking Dav's shift from bed to crib harder than she is. She happily naps in her little polka-dotted baby bed and spent more than half the night there last night. I find myself getting up repeatedly to "check" on her (she's only three feet away from me, how necessary could that be?) and trying to comfort her when she hasn't even really woken. I'm trying to learn the difference between normal night noises or rustling and her waking up and wanting me.
   The sad thing is I WANT her to be waking up and wanting me because I love having her in bed snuggled up to me. She likes it in the bed with us because the little  monster can nurse without even waking me up (she mastered that around 2.5 months). We're just starting the transition in earnest, and I hope it goes smoothly for the both of us.
   On a happier note, Dav got her second tooth today. She certainly seems to be giving off an air of relief  now that her gums are having a little break, though I can see a few more bumps in her mouth that tell me this respite will be seriously short lived.
   Also, she did not react well to the oatmeal-y stuff I made for her. Maybe I should have done rice flour first. Oh, well. I'm thinking sweet potatoes and then green beans will be our next steps.
   A big thanks to those of you who are following me on facebook and commenting on here or there. I would really like this to be more discussion than monologue, so keep it up!
   Now I'm going to go and take pictures of my little bear because she looks really cute in her monkey top, prefold and leg warmers. My trigger finger's a little bit itchy!
01/11/2010 17:35

I can completely relate to you wanting her to wake up and need you. Often, I can't fall asleep without Sophia in the bed nursing. The handful of times that she has slept through the night, in her crib, I just don't feel complete.

Love reading your blog! :)

01/12/2010 09:49

Glad to know I'm not the only one Lauren! Hope you and baby and hubby are all well!


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