I have rediscovered days at the park. I love that the past few days here have been warm and sunny (wasn't it way below freezing like three weeks ago?), and I was able to take Dav to play at a park. So. Much. Fun.
   My kid loves playing in the rocks and swinging and going down the slide. I can't believe she's old enough to do these things! It's so crazy! We went and sat by a stream and nursed while I had a milkshake (Mommy-Dav picnic!), and J came with us yesterday to watch the baby bear in action. 
   Sadly, today was a little too windy for playing at the park. I still wanted to get Dav out of the house so we went to walk around Target. Always dangerous for me. I probably should have stayed out of the baby clothes section, but Iended up with two new T-shirts for the bear - one 'The Who' shirt and one 'KISS' shirt. Rock out.
   Now I'm watching my super cute daughter on her hands and knees rock back and forth while she tries to get the courage to crawl. I'm hoping it takes a little while, but I'm guessing I'll be in for it in a matter of days.

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