While thinking about what to make for dinner, my cousin called me to ask a question about a recipe she's using to make her own dinner tonight. I like when things like that happen. My cousin (who also happens to be one of my best friends) was thinking about making dinner at exactly the same time I was. It makes me feel connected to her even though she's so far away.
   Most of the people I'm very close to live far away from me. Even the people who are only a few hours away are difficult to see on a regular basis. I know it would be a step towards greater security in my sanity to try and build more close relationships with people here in my adopted city. So I'm venturing, fingers crossed, into the world of meetups.
   Two attachment parenting meetups exist in my area, and I've joined both - at least in theory, I've yet to go to an outing for either yet. I have attended the first two meetups for new and expecting mothers at my midwife's birthing center. It was pretty easy for me to decide to go to meetings at the center, since I already felt comfortable there and knew at least one person who would be there.
   My next step is to attend an event for one of the AP groups, but I'm seriously nervous about that prospect. It's probably silly, but other parents intimidate me. Especially ones who practice a similar parenting style to mine. I feel like I'm going to be judged 'not green' enough or not 'AP' enough. I feel like driving up in my (beloved, but giant and gas-guzzling) mommy-mobile, carrying my target diaper bag, and handing Dav one of her (not natural rubber, locally made, nor organic) toys will make me some kind of pariah - or at least a target for some behind the back sniggering from crunchier moms and dads. I wish trying to be environmentally considerate and a conscientious parent didn't so often feel like a competition with other like-minded people.
   Personally, I don't care if one of us is 'greener' or if someone else's kid loves being in a stroller versus a carrier. I just want an occasional chance to talk to someone who has a clue what I'm saying and can respond intelligently instead of just looking at me and wondering when the milk is coming.
   So, I'll let you all know how it goes. Until then, have a good one!
01/12/2010 08:27

Hey! I am right there with you on needing to find people here in town!! What meet up was it that was having the essential oils meeting?!?! I really want to go to that!!!

01/12/2010 09:46

Sarah, it's the Round Rock AP group. It's Friday, Feb 5th at 10 AM. We should go together! I'll message you on FB with more info on it.


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