On December 30th, Dav cut her first tooth on a plane ride from New Orleans to Houston. This did not make for a particularly pleasant flight. Teething in general has not made for a particularly pleasant baby at times. My daughter is generally a very happy, smiley little one. When her gums are swollen and achy, she is a whiner. That is totally understandable. I feel like we have been dealing with teething since she was three months old. Now she is almost six months and her first tooth has finally made its way out through the tender tissue in her mouth. 
   And I thought breastfeeding when she clamped down  before was painful. Geesh. Swollen gum clamping is nothing compared to incredibly sharp little baby tooth clamping.
   A few things have made this teething process a little bit easier for this household:
1. Frosen breastmilk chunks in a mesh feeder  2. Hylands teething tablets  3. Gum massage with mom or dad's clean fingers
   Dav absolutely hated that gum numbing gel, frozen teething rings, and cold washcloths. We never tried the giraffe, but we probably should have.
   Good day all. I'm off to watch some football and buy organic produce to make baby food with my beautiful new food mill. Have a nice one.

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