It sure would be nice if I could call in sick. After a fantastic trip to San Antonio full of babywearing, getting splashed at Sea World, and lot's of firsts for Dav with my parents and little cousin, the bear and I both came down with something yucky. She's recuperating nicely, though she is still napping more than normal and being super clingy. I escaped the worst of it, but it seems to be hanging on to me a little longer than I'm okay with. It really is too bad that there is no one to cover for me when I'm under the weather. Bear still needs to be nursed and changed and played with and dinner still needs to get made.
   Oh well, keeping up isn't always fun when you feel crappy, but I choose to be happy that:
           1. I'm not more sick
           2. The Bear is feeling much better
           3. There is food in my fridge for me to make dinner with
           4. I have a fantastic reason to stay in my pajamas all day

   After all, isn't this the reason hot tea and ice cream were invented?

   Hope everyone of you is feeling great!

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