The Bear's first birthday is fast approaching. Not only will that mark one year outside of my belly for her, but also one year of mommyhood for me! One year of no sleep, mountains of diapers, and being covered in someone else's bodily fluids.
   One year of finding boundless strength and energy reserves I never knew I had. One year of trusting my body to provide what my baby needs and discovering the joy of the nursing relationship between mom and baby. One year of seeing everything for the first time all over again. One year of the deep intimacy gained when you share the raising of a child with someone. One year of learning how it feels to have an ever-expanding heart full of an always growing love.
   I've spent my minutes, hours, days attending to the every need of this little person. I've trusted my instincts and adapted to the constant change. Now, my little baby is transforming into a toddler. She's taken her first steps and pushed for independence. Now, when she's upset she comes to me, or she doesn't. It's no longer a given that mommy can make it better, or that she'll even want me to. She communicates with gestures and words (some only I understand) instead of always with a cry. She laughs, not only because of physical sensations, but with humor. It's amazing. I miss the tiny baby who wanted nothing more than mommy's arms, mommy's breast, mommy's comfort. I'm impressed at the firecracker kid I'm seeing more of everyday, though.
   Ok, I'm ready for phase two...

Happy Fathers' Day to all the Dads out there and to all the Moms who take on both roles, too!
06/28/2010 16:43

It gets better and more exciting everyday! My little one is 16 months old now, and it is just so much fun watching her grow, become more independent, try new things, accomplish new goals..
Happy phase two!

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