This morning I am seriously lacking motivation. Yawn. Really, really big yawn. Sorry folks, still waiting for the coffee to kick in. I don't know if it's the crappy weather or that I stayed up too late watching Janeane Garafalo's stand-up, but I just feel like going back to bed. Luckily, Dav was feeling cuddly this morning and was content to snuggle with mommy in bed until eight, giving me an hour longer under the covers than I would normally get.
   I absolutely have to get off of my tush in the next few minutes (as soon as this cup of coffee empties) and wash the dishes from yesterday. I baked bread for the week and made baby food and cooked J's parents dinner yesterday so my kitchen looks like Martha Stewart exploded all over it. 
   Dinner was delicious. I made orange and chili pork loin (pork from a local rancher, so good) with fried plantains and an heirloom tomato salad. Hot house tomatoes are generally pretty lacking in flavor, but the heirloom varieties always seem much more robust, so that's what I like to go with in winter. Oh, and homemade yeast rolls. Yummy and soft.
   Wow, either thinking about those fantastic leftovers in my fridge or the lowering level of my coffee cup has perked me up considerably. My little chunkers is definitely wide awake; she's trying hard to dismantle her exersaucer. She really, really wants to be able to pull the toys off of it. I think it's mostly because she would like to be able to throw them. Her new favorite game is fetch, as in 'Look Mommy, I threw my toy way over there. Go and get it so I can throw it again.' So I do. And she does. It's not as fun for me as it is for her.
   Ok, I am going to tackle my dishes. And then the flour that is all over my kitchen. Wish me luck, and enjoy your Friday!

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