That's right. You read that correctly. My amazing little bear said 'Mama.'

   Dav had her six month well check today. We found out that she is just about 19lbs, 29ins, and in perfect health. She has reached, and surpassed, all the expected developmental milestones. We did her regular 6 month vacs, but no flu shots. I discussed with her pediatrician why we would not be putting her on cereal or vitamin supplements, and we got the OK to go ahead with meat and dark leafy greens. All in all, a good pedi visit.
   Unfortunately, Dav has not been in a great mood since getting her shots. She's been a little cranky and a little clingy, so we've mostly been cuddling and taking it easy. She seemed to be feeling alright, so I set her down to play while I worked on a little bit of laundry. She started to complain, but not really fussing so I figured she would be ok for the minute or two it would take me to finish. I walked into the living room with my arms full of clothes to fold and then it happened. She scrunched up her little face and furrowed her little brow and very firmly declared 'Mama!' She didn't say 'ma' or 'mamamamama' or even 'mahmah' but 'mah-muh!'
   I dropped the clothes and there is now laundry all over my floor, but I couldn't possibly care less. I ran to pick her up and jumped up and down saying (screaming?) 'You said Mama! You said Mama!' over and over again and then smothered Dav in kisses until she was pushing to get away from me.
   Today is a day for the baby book, and one I will never, ever forget!
01/12/2010 18:43

She will say daddy soon.Mark my words it's officaly ON.


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